The Cute Stone

Cute Stone Texture

The Cute Stone is a stone block that is the replacement of the vanilla stone in The Cute Dimension. When broke it drops Cute Cobblestone and smelting it will result in Dog Block Chunks. Four Dog Block Chunk can be crafted into a Dog Block. So, 4 Cute Stone can be transformed into a Dog Block, meaning once you get in The Cute Dimension you don't need to look up for Dog Ore anymore.

Crafting recipe

This item is obtained by smelting Cute Cobblestone or by mining Cute Stone in The Cute Dimension with silk touch.


Minecraft information

  • Hardness: 1.8
  • Can only be mined with a Stone, Iron, Diamond, Dog or Puppy Pickaxe
  • Unlocalized name: cuteStone
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