Dog Armor

The Dog armor is a minecraft armor, better than iron, but not better than diamond. It has 4 parts: Dog Helmet, Dog Chestplate, Dog Leggings and Dog Boots.

Crafting recipe

The Dog Armor is crafted in vanilla minecraft shape, but with Dog Ingots. See how to craft minecraft armor here.


As minecraft armor, it is very good, protecting better than iron, but not than diamond.

When worn by a player, the Dog Armor gives the Resistance I to the player.

It gives 17 Armor Points (iron gives 15, diamond 20), like this:

Minecraft information

  • Armor Material: DogArmorMaterial (20 durability, reduction amounts - 3,6,5,3, enchantabillity: 10)
  • Unlocalized names: dogHelmet, dogChetsplate, dogLeggings, dogBoots


The armor's buff, how it looks and the items textures:

Dog Armor Resistance Buff

Dog Armor Look

Dog Armor Items Texture

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