Dog Axe

Dog Axe Texture

The Dog Pickaxe is an Axe made of Dog Ingots. It is faster than an iron axe, and also has more uses.

Crafting recipe

The Dog Axe is made in a vanilla axe recipe (2 sticks on the middle column and 2 dog ingot on a top corner). Example:

Dog Axe Crafting Recipe


  • as a normal minecraft axe - with 300 uses, and faster than an iron axe is a very good axe
  • as a minecraft weapon - only 150 uses as weapon, pretty big attack (5.5), but lower than an iron sword (6) or a Dog Sword (6.5 attack damage).

Minecraft information

  • Is tool: yes - axe (harvest level 2, efficiency 5.5F, damage 2.5F, 300 max uses, 10 enchantability)
  • Stackable: no
  • Unlocalized name: dogAxe
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