Dog Pickaxe

Dog Pickaxe Texture

The Dog Pickaxe is a Pickaxe made of Dog Ingots. It can mine all the blocks the iron pickaxe can mine, but it is faster than an iron pickaxe, and also has more uses.

Crafting Recipe

The Dog Pickaxe can be crafted using 3 Dog Ingots in the top row of the crafting table and 2 sticks in the middle column (vanilla minecraft pickaxe recipe):

Dog Pickaxe Crafting Recipe


  • as a normal minecraft pickaxe - with 300 uses, fast mining and can mine the blocks an iron pickaxe can mine, can be a very good pickaxe

Minecraft Information

  • Is tool: yes - pickaxe (harvest level 2, efficiency 5.5F, damage 2.5F, 300 max uses, 10 enchantability)
  • Stackable: no
  • Unlocalized name: dogPickaxe
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