Puppy Sword

Puppy Sword Texture

The Puppy Sword is a very good sword, better than diamond (7 attack), with 7.5 attack damage. It is made of Puppy Ingots and has 1600 uses.

Crafting Recipe

The Puppy Sword has a vanilla sword crafting recipe: 1 stick on the middle column, on the bottom and 2 Puppy Ingots in the middle column, top and middle places:

Puppy Sword Crafting Recipe


  • as a normal minecraft sword - with 1600 uses, very high damage (7.5), it is an awesome sword

Minecraft information

  • Is tool: yes - sword (harvest level 3, efficiency 8.5F, damage 3.5F, 1600 max uses, 15 enchantability)
  • Stackable: no
  • Unlocalized name: puppySword
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