Basic Information

The Cute Dimension is a Dimension with the ID 5. The overworld has 0, nether and the end have -1 and 1. It has 3 biomes, Cute Trees, Cute Grass, Cute Dirt and Cute Stone.


The Cute Dimension is made of Cute Stone and has three biomes. See biome list or Cute Biomes for more information. In The Cute Dimensions there are generated caves, ravines and villages.

Note: Due to a bug, currently no caves / ravines / villages spawn.

As look, the main color is blue. The sky is blue, component blocks are blue etc.

Also, in The Cute Biome spawn Dogs, but no other mobs.

In the future more mobs may spawn, like Cute Zombies and Cute Squids.


The Cute Dimension has 3 biomes, having Cute Grass and Cute Dirt:

In all the biomes spawn Dogs, but in different amounts:


Dog Spawn


Dog Spawn


Cute Plains 4 40
Cute Forest 5 20
Cute Mountains 1 200

So, in the Cute Plains spawn in packs of 4 quite a lot, in the Cute Forest the Dogs spawn in packs of 5 but not that much and in the Cute Mountains they spawn alone but a lot, because they like climbing. But nobody knows why they like climbing that much...

Minecraft Information

  • Dimesnion ID: 5
  • Biome IDs: 152, 153, 154
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