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What does this wiki contain?

This wiki contains all information about "World of Dogs" mod, made by Mateiaru.

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Current and Upcoming Features

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Complete Mod Information

Getting Started

To get started, you need to find some Dog Ore. Dog Ore can be smelted into Dog Ingots, which can be used to create tools, items and more.

To obtain Puppy Ingots, you need to:


There are 2 types of tools in this mod: Dog and Puppy.

Dog Tools:

Puppy tools:


Like tools, there are 2 types of armor: Dog and Puppy. The Dog Armor is crafted in a normal armor recipe, but with Dog Ingots. The Puppy Armor is the same, but it is crafted with Puppy Ingots.

  • When worn, the Dog Armor gives the Resistance I buff.
  • The Puppy Armor gives more buffs: Strength III, Regeneration I and Haste II

Note: In the future versions when playing on hard the buffs will be: Strength II and Haste II


This mod adds a few blocks:

The Blocks (dog, doggy and puppy) are crafted using 9 of the respective ingots (see Getting Started).

The Bricks (dog, doggy and puppy) are crafted using 4 of the respective blocks (see the above line), in a square shape. They can also be crafted in the player's inventory crafting.

The Stairs (dog, doggy and puppy) are crafted using 6 of the respective block (see the line above the above line), in a stair recipe.

The other 4 blocks (dirt, grass, stone and cobblestone) are found in The Cute Dimension (see below).

The Cute Dimension

To travel to The Cute Dimension, you need to create a Cute Portal, out of Cute Portal Frames. To obtain the Cute Portal Frames, you need to right-click a Puppy Block with a Magical Doggy Wand. Each Puppy Block will be transformed into 7 Cute Portal Frames (14 needed for a portal), so totally 2 Puppy Blocks for the Cute Portal.

The Cute Dimension has 3 biomes. It has Cute Grass and Cute Dirt at the top; Cute Stone as main filler block. Bren broke it drops Cute Cobblestone. The Cute Cobblestone can be smelted into Cute Stone and the stone can be smelted into Dog Block Chunks. Four chunks can be made into one Dog Block

More info about The Cute Dimension is on the dimension's page.

Cute Mobs

Of course, this mod comes with its own cute little Dogs and Puppies.

Info about them on their page.